light steel structure villa

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Foshan hege steel modular structure modular housing ltd is located in Lishui Town Foshan city, the beautiful backyard of guangzhou, with an area 25000m2 and total asset of more than 120 million. we have been specializing in R&D, design, poduction, sales and service of steel construction material and all kind s of prefab house. One of our main products is Light steel Gauge steel villa.Light steel structure of low rise residential building technology has evolved, after one thousand years of development, has formed the excellent physical performance,flexible space and shape that is easy to build. various forms of mature construction system, best in the world is known as the living environment of the north American continent. A large part of the low-level civil buildings, including residance,shopping malls, schools, office building and other wood or ultralight use light steel structure building.


Light steel villa has many advantages.

1. Humidity resistance

There is a layer of humidity resistant material on the surface of exterior wall. It is the waterproof and breathable membrane, which is new high-molecular material. The surface of this kind of material is of extremely tiny hole structure.As the diameter of water is 0.02mm and  that of vapor is 0.0000004mm,so this great difference in difference in diameter enables the moisture to go out but not come in.


2.Wind resistance

Light gauge steel structure owns the advantage of light weight, excellent strength, good rigidty and great flexbility. It only weights one fifth of the brick and concrete structure, with standing wind of 50m/s to 70m/s, so it can provide reliable support to people and their property.


3. Durability

Light gauge steel structure is made of cold-formed thin-walled steel, the frame is cold formed galvanized and aluminum-coated steel sheet, which is of great corrosion resistant ability, reducing the possibility of corrosion caused during construction,and increasing the life of steel frame. the life span can be 50years to 70 years.


4.Heat insulation and soud insulation

Light gauge steel structure applies glass wool and rock wool as insulated material tot achieve satisfactory heat maintaining and heat resisting performance.the exterior wall panel is heat insulated so it can be protect the wall from "frozen"  and realize better insulation. the wall that made of light gauge steel srtructure and insulated plasterboard has sound insulation of 60 decibels.